26/11/2019: Steve Haring, a Ph.D. student at UC Davis, talks to Phoebe Goron about using cover crops for weed suppression in almond orchards. Listen HERE!

10/4/19: Research update: a new report of the on-going almond cover crop research is available in the West Coast Nut October Issue:

9/1/19: How do you select the right cover crop for Kern county? Check out the West Coast Nut article at

8/1/19: The project is featured in the Blue Diamond Growers Almond Facts pages. 20-21 available at:

7/17/19: Research update: Orchard Cover Crop Seed Selection: New Sacramento Valley article at

6/30/19: Research update: Our recently published research review is available at:

6/1/19: Research update: Newly released Almond Board of California article “Research begins busting myths around cover crops” :

2/29/19: Thank you to all who participated/attended the Field Day and thank you for all of the great questions!

2/25/19: Curious about cover crops in almond? We will share our results and discuss cover crop management for almond at our Field Day March 21st in Merced. 

1/11/19:  We installed stations to determine cover crop effects on frost incidence in Tehama County.

12/15/18: All sites are seeded. Looking forward to a productive cover crop season.

12/6/18: Another successful Almond Board Conference. You can find our talk here.

11/9/18: We seeded our Tehama County site today!

11/2/18: Our Kern County site was seeded today!

10/31/18: Our project was featured in the Western Farm Press!

10/15/18: Our research update was published in the UCCE Tehama County Newsletter.

09/7/18: Our Merced site is harvested!

09/1/18: Our project is featured in the CalCAN Climate Change and Agricultural Recommendations to the California Governor (page 35). You can read the report here.

08/28/18: We harvested our Tehama County site today! 

08/22/18: Our research has been funded for another year by the Almond Board. Thanks to the whole team for putting together the report!

08/15/18: Our Kern County site was harvested today!

07/5/18: Cynthia received Annie’s Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship! Thanks for your support!

05/10/18: Steve Haring was awarded a CDPR Pest Management Alliance Grant. Well done!

05/1/18: We were awarded a CDFA Healthy Soil Demonstration Grant. Getting ready for Field Days!

04/20/18: Cynthia received a Western SARE Graduate Student Award! Research updates are available here.

12/15/17: Our frost stations are installed and monitoring the orchard!

12/4/17: We presented our research overview at the 2017 ABC Annual Conference. You can find our slides here and our research poster here.

12/1/17: Our survey is ready. If you are an almond grower, please share your thoughts!

11/6/17: Our sites are seeded with cover crops. Looking forward to a productive season!

11/1/17: Our Almond Board of California (ABC) research update is available here.

10/30/17: Cover crop seeding has begun!